About us

DIY or Dye is a new radical fabric shop and haberdashery based in Leeds. For now, the shop is online only, but we hope to hope a physical space open in the next few years. 

The shop is run by Kirsty Fife (that's me) - I'm a queer, feminist and fat positive activist and I've been making clothes, quilting and undertaking other craft projects for over a decade. I started making my own clothes because I couldn't find affordable clothing that I liked and was available in my size. Sewing has always been a way for me to explore identity and affirm my fat body, and I have always wanted to run a shop which helps others to do the same. 

On our shop you'll find sewing patterns, books and zines that cater to a variety of body shapes and sizes. You'll find a specially selection of fabrics (ever growing) that I've chosen especially for our users. You'll find haberdashery supplies and craft gifts for queers, weirdos and other craft fans. You'll also find resources and content through our blog to help you put our supplies to work!