Pay it forward!

In order to support those with no/low income, I have set up a pay it forward service. This means that those with more income can donate money to support people who can't afford to buy any fabric. This is then passed on from me directly to them in the form of store credit. Fabric costs money, sewing can be expensive, and especially when first starting out! Let's mobilise our community to provide more access to supplies for others.

Visit our Donorbox site to donate some money to the pay it forward pot. This will then be passed directly onto people in the form of vouchers for the shop. I'm launching the pot in June 2020, and as soon as there is over £100 I will start to send vouchers (either for yourself or you can nominate someone else!). I will also try and contribute some funds from the shop to add to each donation. Vouchers will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and there will be no questions asked or proof required to access it. 

Fill out this form to access a voucher.